See some FG42. On top the first model (Type E) with a very low number (404) and numbermatching. 90 % condition and 100 % original and complete. Total production of the first type was 2000 or a little more. Only 89 are known to have survived.
See further down three fine FG42 with original scopes. First the first model followed by two of the second model. The second model was a re-design ready for production and virtually none of the parts will interchange.

A 10 shot magazine - first model
Not much of an idea to use a 10 shot magazine on a full auto weapon - especially not on a FG42 where the magazine length doesn't affect the shooting position. Very rare; the dimensions are: 25 x 85 (height) x 90 mm

Below the 10 shot magazine compared to the more normal 20 shot magazine. The dimensions are: 30 x 150 x 90 mm

Another FG42 - first model - with scope

A FG42 - second model
About 6500 of the second model (type G) FG42 were produced - and 114 are known to have survied. First number 2314. Sold for $299,000 in Sept. 2014 - it has also all accessories.

Another FG42 - second model
A very fine specimen - number 3293. Advertised price was: $85,000

More grenade launcher pictures

The launcher is marked WaA and "S" or perhaps a reverse "5".

A very late 20 rd. magazine - marked "sjl" and "Ol"

"fzs" is the code for Haenel. Note here the large "O". Is "sjl" a late war code for Haenel?

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