Useful G/K43 addresses

Has many parts for the G41 - G43. Use: Pièces d'armes - Allemagne
Apfeltor Waffenfabrik
Sells gascylinders + "a shooters kit" = it's possible to regulate the gas pressure.
His email-address:
Bisgaard & Nielsen

Bisgaard og Nielsen, Aagade Syd 82, DK-8620 Kjellerup, Denmark. Phone: +45 8688 4624, Fax: +45 8688 4231
Sells guns, gunparts, militaria etc.

His website (Vaabenreservedele m.m. = Weapon spare parts) 
His email-address:


Jürgen Böddecker, Griewenkamp 8, D-31234 Edemissen, Germany. Phone: 5176 8538, Fax: 5176 1580
Sells Dewexco's quality repro G/K43 stocks (298€).

His website (not much to see there) 
His email-address:

Don Miller
Repairs ZF4 and other scopes.

Dittrich Sport-Systeme
Produces as semi-automatic or as repeater rifles: MP38, Stengun, K43, MKb42(H), MP43/1, MP44 and FG42.
Sold via HZA Kulmbach - see below. (I am in doubt if they still are active; the website doesn't show much, and Kulmbach is closed down)
Their website
Another Dittrich website
Fox Gun Stocks
Has G41 and G43 stocks + some hardware and Durofol handguards.
Has some G43 reproduction parts - and also a few parts for G41W.
Website in $
Website in €
Email-address: or

Gerd Neuhaus
Repairs ZF4 and other scopes.
G. Neuhaus, Postfach 1246, D-58766, Nachrodt, Germany. Phone: 0049 2352 30954
German Sport Guns
Makes StG44 in cal. .22
GSG website
Gun Parts
Has some of the mechanical parts. Try the link below:
Gun Parts G41 / G43 section
Historical Parts and Militaria Co.
Darrin Weaver has G/K43 parts and accessories.
HPaMC website
HZA Kulmbach
Sells Dittrich's weapons and parts - see above - but now under liquidation.

On-line shop for militaria.
Their website

Osborn optical Systems
Repairs and restores riflescopes, binoculars etc.
Email address:

Robert Spielauer
Sells quality repro K98 and G41 mounts. He has also scopes for sale. (presumed no longer to be active)

Another main supplier of parts

G-43 parts

Some G43 parts, FG42 copy etc.
Shoei Germany

Tom Fried

Has many different parts - mostly reproductions.

Toms website

Sells Repro ZF4 scope mounts

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